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Changing your Personality to Frugality

Personality is the reason why everyone of us is unique, it refers to our very own differences to each other. How a person thinks, feels and behaves is a characteristic that can’t be easily changed. Your personality depends on what environment and social status you’ve grown. If you were trained by the people that surrounds you on how to save money, you will grow and end up living frugally. That is why you should change those bad attitude of yours while you are young. Ask someone who is close to you what attitude that might be.

Your attitude towards your spending habit can be hard to change, you can’t do this overnight but is doable if you just do it slowly. It is already in your personality and you don’t have to totally change it just those bad habits that are blocking your path to financial freedom. These ideas won’t hurt you and the changes that you will make are for your own future.Sometimes in your life you are always focused to your future that you forget about your present. For now concentrate on how you are going to change because this is how you start your journey towards financial freedom.

Try to be socialized, don’t be ashamed to ask for discounts when buying an item in the mall. Befriend the sales consultant they might give you their own employees discount when you buy an item. Use a loyalty card or voucher codes or look for sale items. You may look like you don’t have enough money to buy the item on a regular price and this could true. But it doesn’t matter what other people think about you. What’s important is that you are not offending or hurting anyone. Keep this way of thinking because this is how frugal people think. If you want to learn how to get these coupons online, click this link.

You didn’t hurt yourself or the sales consultant, you just thought of it because that is your personality. Actually you just helped someone. When you started buying a discounted item, you are actually helping the sales consultant to earn money. It is just a matter of give and take, the brand that you bought gives you an excellent service and quality while you are paying for their brand. So the next time you shop don’t be afraid to ask or use coupons to give you a cut in your expenses.

Another example is stop eating outside with your friends, you can ask them to buy raw food in the grocery instead and then offer them to cook in your house. This way you can conveniently have more bonding moments together. This idea always work and you will reduce your expenses more than half rather than eating on a fancy restaurant. Be proud in every challenges that you survived in changing your personality for your own good. The people that surrounds you might also apply the idea that you shared to them. This is for your future so better change what your present problem is or your bad attitude might cause a problem in the near future.


Elinor loves to write about fashion, entertainment and share her frugal living practices. Follow her as she unfolds her secrets to money saving and frugal living.

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